Let sleeping dogs lie

go to site 2006
Bronze, edition of 9
Patina: potash
Foundry: Livingstone Art Founders, Matfield, Kent

http://sensiblebuildingscience.com/sensibles-bridge-solution-connects-wi-fi-to-hvac-controls/ approximate size: 5 cm high, 17 cm wide

go here This small, insignificant dog pictured is actually my Chesapeake Bay bitch Gummi, who was not insignificant or sweet and sleepy and should have been called ‘Toothy’. Fierce with a positively lousy attitude to work she kept me and one flock of sheep in Wales, on our toes. With Gummi never a dull moment, now forever asleep on a shelf in my study; you were a dear and loyal friend if somewhat unpredictable.