Bronze, edition of 9, either standing on a stone or an antiqued mirror
Patina: bare bronze, waxed
Foundry: Livingstone Art Founders, Matfield, Kent

approximate size: 17 cm high (excluding pinth), 22 cm wide

Mimi, what can I say, how do I describe you? You were the sweetest, smallest, fluffiest fully grown cat I have ever known. Not the very brightest bulb on the tree you nevertheless gave all ventures your all, as long as it was not scary (and most things were). You were entrusted to me for a weekend to look after; pensively you jumped around on my bed and could not work out at all where my toes kept disappearing to. My guess is: hunting anything was not in your brief. Neither was tree climbing, you once fell awkwardly and your little legs were never quite straight after that. You were gorgeous.