On the edge

Bronze, edition of 9
Patina: dark brown
Foundry: Livingstone Art Founders, Matfield, Kent

approximate size: 33 cm long, 13 cm wide

On the edge has had all sorts of moods attached to her and the question most asked: who is she modelled on? So here is the description that best describes on of my most popular and most loved sculptures: Taken from a fantastic book ‘The Philosopher and the Wolf’ by Mark Rowlands (read it if you come across it and if you do not come across it, find it!) “It is only our defiance that redeems us”; On the edge is quietly defiant. Why is she called ‘On the edge’? Because she is lying on the edge, because her arm and hair are hanging over the edge. Who is she modelled on? Sadly, no one. She used to live in my head and now she is out there.

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