Bronze, edition of 9, on bronze plate
Patina: Black with dark dark green undertones
Foundry: Livingstone Art Founders, Matfield, Kent

approximate size: 45 cm high, 53 cm wide

Totilas, foaled May 23, 2000, nicknamed ‘Toto’, is a Dutch Warmblood stallion standing 17.1 hands, who was considered to be one of the most outstanding competitive dressage horses in the world, the first horse to score above 90 in dressage competition, and the former holder of the world record for the highest dressage score in Grand Prix Freestyle Dressage. He was retired from competition in August 2015.
As a very amateur dressage rider in my time I could only stand in absolute awe the first time this horse and his then rider, Edward Gal, came to my attention. The result is this sculpture. Edition number two proudly lives on the Isle of Man.