Other creative exploits

Lighting, jewellery and other creative outbursts

For the time being this page will not illuminate the jewellery. The simple reason being that I am not that good a taking good pictures of my jewellery.
As you can see from the photos, I have given up reading and decided to turn the debris into an enlightening feature for my home. It has its’ own label: ‘Bibi, my personal choice’ and is ever changing depending on the books I decide to use. Should you have any books of your own you would like to see turned into a lamp, by all means contact me and we can discuss the possibilities.
The snowboards discarded by my son inspired me to create two benches, ideal for narrow hallways or forgotten corners in the garden. It does help that I have the wonderful skills available to me of the best blacksmith The Netherlands has, Willem de Jong in Katwijk. Thank you Willem!

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